(Solution) NR443 Week 2 Assignment: Community Windshield Survey




Nr443 Week 2 Assignment: Community Windshield Survey



The purpose of this assignment is to complete a direct observational assessment of a community in your area. This windshield survey will help you to identify a vulnerable population, an important community health problem, and a related Healthy People 2020 objective for a community in your area.

Course Outcomes

This assignment enables the student to meet the following Course Outcomes.

  • CO2: Assess the health needs of individuals, families, aggregates, and communities using demographic and epidemiological data to identify population health risks. (PO4)
  • CO6: Utilize a systems-based and collaborative approach to address factors that influence the health of a community and population health problems. (PO2)

Due Date

Submit your completed windshield survey form by 11:59 p.m. MT Sunday end of Week 2.

Points: 175 points



  1. Download the Community Windshield Survey (Links to an external site.) form. You will type answers directly onto this Word document. Your form does not need to follow APA formatting; however, you are expected to use a professional writing style with complete sentences, accurate grammar, and correct spelling within the fill-in sections. References are not needed as this should be based on your observations.
  2. You are required to use the linked form provided for this assignment. Assignments that do not follow the current guidelines or use the required form will be evaluated for evidence of an academic integrity violation.
  3. After the due date, there will be no opportunity for revision or resubmission of assignments that have been uploaded to the submission area. It is your responsibility to submit the correct assignment to the correct submission area.
  4. Watch the Windshield Survey tutorial found at the end of the Academic Integrity Reminder.
  5. Save the file by clicking Save As and adding your last name to the file name; for example, NR443 Windshield Survey Form_Smith.
  6. Submit the completed form by Sunday, 11:59 p.m. MT at the end of Week 2.


Below are the requirements needed for successful completion of the Windshield Survey Form.

  1. Introduction to the Community: Identify the community you will be using for this assignment with the city and state, and provide a brief, one-paragraph description of the community. Your community should be the area where you live or the area surrounding your work setting. The community must include a residential area and be a large enough area to answer the survey questions. Do not include epidemiological or demographic data as this is based on what you observe.
  2. Windshield Survey: Assess your community by doing a windshield survey. Information about the components of a windshield survey is located in your textbook, Nies and McEwen (2019). Drive through the area and report your observations by answering the questions on the form. Be sure to include what you observed related to each of these categories, and also include any significant items that are missing in your community because this may be equally important in identifying a community health problem.
    1. Community vitality
    2. Indicators of social and economic conditions
    3. Health resources
    4. Environmental conditions related to health
    5. Social functioning
    6. Attitude toward healthcare

    Note: It is helpful to conduct this assessment at least two different times: during the day or evening, on a weekday, and/or on the weekend. If possible, plan on asking someone to drive during your survey so that you can take notes.

  3. Vulnerable population: Identify the aggregate or vulnerable populations that you observed in your community during your drive through. What did you observe about this population?
  4. Community problem: Based on your assessment in the survey above, identify and discuss one priority community health problem that a community health nurse could positively impact.Example: If you observed teens who were pregnant or had young children during your survey and felt this was a priority problem in your community, the diagnosis could beRisk of unintended pregnancy among adolescent girls in XXXX community as evidence by observation of pregnant teens and teens caring for young children during windshield survey.
  5. Healthy People 2020 Objective: Go to the Healthy People topic areas at https://www.healthypeople.gov/2020/topics-objectives. Find a topic area that relates to one of the vulnerable populations you observed. Click on the topic area, and then click on the green Objectives tab. Review the objectives within that topic area to complete the relevant sections of the form. State the Healthy People 2020 objective number (not just a goal) that describes your problem.Example: The topic area Family Planning would be relevant. You would click on Family Planning, and then click the green Objectives tab, and you might chooseFP-8.1 “Reduce pregnancies among adolescent females aged 15 to 17 years” (U.S. Department of Health and Human Services: Healthy People 2020, 2018, Objectives: Family Planning, para 8).
  6. Summary: Complete the summary of learning section.
  7. References: The purpose of this assignment is to document your observations of your community. Outside sources other than Healthy People 2020 should not be used. We have included this reference on the Windshield Survey form for you.
  8. Nr443 Week 2 Assignment: Community Windshield Survey


NR443/435/436: Community Windshield Survey Form

Directions: Please refer to the Community Windshield Survey Guidelines and grading rubric in your NR443/435/436 course for specific instructions in order to complete the information below. You are required to use this form for your submission.

Drive through the community where you live or work several times. Document your observations in order to complete the tables below. All short answers must be in complete sentences.


Name:                                                                             Date: 7/8/2020

  1. Community Description
Name of city or town and state: Uniondale NY
Name of the street or road where you live or work in this community: Merillon street between Manor pkwy and Uniondale ave
Nature of this community (rural, suburban, urban): suburban
Describe your community in 2-3 complete sentences:

Uniondale is a town within the town of Hempstead of Nassau county. Some parts of Uniondale resemble an urban community due to the makeup of some of the housing, as well as the surrounding greenery in parts of the residential areas. There are several parks with an abundant green space. There are scattered public playgrounds for children. The makeup of housing is diverse in Uniondale. Private houses, town houses, and apartment buildings are seen. Uniondale is not a condensed area. It is very close to Queens, which is an urban area. There are many local businesses on the main street that run across Uniondale. The local businesses seen in Uniondale varies. Such as Supermarkets, Corner Bodegas, Gas stations, and fast food eateries.

There are many health care facilities seen in one area of Uniondale. There has been a growing trend of Urgent Cares and city MDs in my area and neighboring towns. There is an Urgent Care and a City MD within a block of each other in one area. Dental offices are on almost every corner on the Avenues. There are more than a few hospitals within a 5-mile radius of Uniondale with the closest one being 3 miles away. There are a few fitness facilities. They are small in space and pricy. Public transportation is very accessible with many bus stops and a railroad going into Manhattan. Uniondale is a community of diversity; people of all different ethnic backgrounds are seen with the majority being Hispanic and African Americans. On the streets of Uniondale, you will find mostly people of working age and teenagers. People are generally commuters and workers of the area during the day. During weekends and mostly weekend evenings, people are seen congregating on the streets around restaurants/bars socializing.


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Nr443 Week 2 Assignment: Community Windshield Survey