(Answered) ACC3155-Financial Statement Analysis and Evaluation





ACC3155-Financial Statement Analysis and Evaluation

Assessment -Essay

Module Code ACC3155
Module title Financial Statement Analysis and Valuation
Submission date, time You should submit the soft copy of the final report on Unihub (Electronic Submission) by midnight on Sunday, 12th January 2019 (UK time).
Feedback type & date Students will receive written feedback 3 weeks after submission date.
Word count 3,500 words (excluding bibliography and appendices).
Assignment type Essay
Assignment structure, format and details Choose a company from the list provided

Conduct an analysis of the consolidated financial statements of a chosen company;

Conclude by making judgements on the company’s profitability and solvencyfrom the viewpoint of shareholders.

Assessed learning outcome(s) h.   analyse and critically evaluate financial statements, using ratios and multivariate models.

j.   use financial and non-financial information to predict the future of a company;

Assessment weighting % 30%
Key reading and learning resources Your chosen company’s website/ financial statements

Penman Chapters 1-3;8-12

Detailed Coursework guidance (Appendix of this module handbook)

Marking criteria ·         Discussion




1.0 Introduction to National Express

National Express is an international transport company that owns and leases buses, coaches and trains which are used to deliver local, regional, national and international transportation services. The impact they’ve had on the transportation industry can be emphasised above. For example, there were 882 Million passenger journeys in 2017. The company was established in the west midlands, but since then its operations have expanded throughout the whole of the UK, Spain, North America, Canada, Germany, Morocco and Bahrain.

In the latest annual report, national express claims to be a “leading” international transport company. The strategic report mentions how national express holds the largest market share for coach transport in the UK and Spain and how it’s the second largest school bus provider in North America. Although there were no figures to back up this claim, the revenue figures do show that in 2017 over 90% of revenue was generated in these three locations. 

2.0 Strategic objectives

National Express aims to continue to drive its business forward by focusing on its three strategic priorities;

2.1 Delivering operational excellence: “We aim to be the safest, most reliable, convenient and best value transport provider in the modes we operate”. The way the company keeps track of the progress of this strategy is by focusing on passenger growth, and improvements in safety standards through a reduction in safety-related indicators which are KPI’s of whether there meeting their strategy of high safety and service standards. The KPI displays as the number of passenger journeys have increased in 2017, fatalities and weighted injuries have reduced, highlighting that the company is improving on its safety standards….Kindly click the icon above to purchase full solution for $10