(Answered) EKP Task 1: Ethical Standards





EKP Task 1: Ethical Standards

EKP Task 1: Ethical Standards

EKP Task 1: Ethical Standards


Organizational Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility: Ethical Standards

Business Ethics – C717

Western Governors University

August 24th, 2020


As TechFite continues to expand its steady international presence within a multicultural business setting, the company must maintain specific ethical guidelines to ensure it continues to meet its goal of positive workplace collaboration, leadership development, and corporate social activism. Corporate boards, top executives, and chief ethics and compliance officers have a vital part to play in constructing a robust ethical culture. The encouragement of employees to have a say in corporate decisions illustrates a company that values the voice of their workforce and having the desire to be involved in the community displays that TechFite values the very people that contribute to their success. However, TechFite is unlikely to have ongoing successful and consistent compliance programs without a solid ethical culture, as effective compliance programs are critical to developing such a culture amongst leadership, employees, and the local communities.

A positive culture is a primary link that drives the decrease in churn, an increase in profit, company expansion, and community backing. Due to several ethical concerns within the TechFite organization, new policies will be implemented to assure that the company is creating a positive work environment as well as consistently contributing to their local municipality. The policies will affirm, in an all-inclusive statement, obligatory standards for conduct and practices with reverence to integrity, ethics and company culture. An employee’s actions under these policies are significant indications of the individual’s judgment and competence.……..Kindly click the purchase icon above to purchase full solution for $10