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Facilitating Change in Healthcare Environment assignment

AssignmentBrief – BTEC (RQF)

Higher National Diploma in Healthcare Practice England 

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Unit Number and Title 25 – Facilitating Change in Healthcare Environment


Academic Year 2020
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Assignment Title Facilitating Change in Healthcare Environment
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Submission Date Week 5 formative submissions and Final submissions on the 
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Submission Format:
You should submit your work in a form of a report. This should be submitted as a word document in four distinct parts, as outlined in the assignment brief and guidance. You are required to use headings, titles and captions where appropriate, and are encouraged to use charts, diagrams and timetables to support your work. The recommended length is 3500 – 4500 words; there is no penalty for going over word the limit. Your referencing should be Harvard – style referencing.
Unit Learning Outcomes:

LO1: Discuss factors that have driven recent changes in the healthcare sector.


LO2:Discuss the components of change management within a change management initiative in

 Health provision.


LO3: Implement own small-scale change management plan.


LO4: Assess the effectiveness of a change management plan.

Learner Declaration:
I certify that the work submitted for this assignment is my own and research sources are fully acknowledged.



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Assignment Brief and Guidance:
As a newly appointed manager of a healthcare organization you have been tasked with implementing a change management plan. You will need to follow the structure detailed below to create, implement, evaluate and assess your change management plan, taking into consideration all the factors listed in parts 1 to 4. You will need to present your plan to your supervisor in form of a report, implement it as well as evaluate it following changes in government policy, funding and strategic focus over the last 10 years the government has brought in and the impacts of the changes on the individual patient populations in your own organization and the health and social care sector as a whole.


Part 1.Evaluate how factors that drive change and impact on patient care have influenced the development of recent policy by Assessing  the impact of these factors on care for individuals accessing healthcare services. You need to then Discuss recent changes that impact practice in the healthcare sector and go on to Present a report on these factors that have driven these recent changes.


Part 2. Assess the factors that affect readiness to change in healthcare practice setting given the current national strategic climate, Justifying the initiative in relation to wider healthcare issues. Ensure you Illustrate in detail the components of change management within a health or care service context and Discuss the impact of national strategic direction on a local initiative to effect change in health or care provision.


Part 3. Evaluate the impact of own change management initiative on key stakeholders ,making Comparisons to other healthcare change initiatives by Assessing themes, areas for development and communication strategies used in the change  management plan. Ensure you have Prepared a small-scale change management plan, Presented strategies to address anticipated challenges to the implementation of the change management plan and use Testing and Analysis to implement the change management plan.


Part 4. Critically assess the need for future work on the basis of the Evaluation of the change management initiative by Justifying outcomes of change management initiative to staff in a healthcare setting. Ensure you Evaluate the impact of a change management initiative on staff and Present the Analytical report on the findings of change management initiative to relevant stakeholders.


You are encouraged to use all the tools to show your impact assessment including graphs for your testing and analysis.


The report should go from part 1 to part 4 in clearly separated form with clearly designated headings.


This report provides evidence for: P1, P2, P3, P4, P5, P6, P7, P8, P9, followed by Merits and Distinctions criteria M1, M2, M3, M4, D1, D2 and D3 and D4.


Suggested WORD COUNT: 3500 – 4500 (excluding Cover page table of contents and reference list)




Grade Classification Numeric Value (Grade mark) Grade Listed As
Distinction      75 D
Merit      65 M
Pass      50 P
Unclassified/ Referred      35 U or RF
Alleged Academic Misconduct      10 AMAR



Facilitating Change in Healthcare Environment

Patrick, Donahue

August 2020




In the health care sector, implementation of changes requires strong foundations. In the United Kingdom, a healthcare system used is a government-sponsored system called the National Health Service. The system has healthcare systems that are publicly funded, such as health and social care in Northern Ireland, National Health Service Wales, National Health Service Scotland, and National Health Service England, Oliver (2005, p. S88). The public is entitled to use health care services under these systems. Private health insurance can also be bought by the public. The National Health Services came up with a plan that promises more information and power for patients, more beds and hospital facilities, an increase in the number of nurses and doctors, a decrease in time used to wait for doctor appointments and tough measures for organizations of NHS. This report seeks to come up with a change management plan in Health care services. The report discusses how factors that facilitate change and impact on patient care have had effects on development, 3.0.    Factors that affect readiness to change in the healthcare practice setting, impact of own change management initiative on key stakeholders, and any need for future works.

2.0.How factors that drive change and impact on patient care have influenced the development

2.1.Recent changes that impact practice in the health sector

The National Health Service has put in place changes that have impacted on patient care. There are positive reviews upon implications of these changes that were seen on patients. These changes include, new care models that were co-designed with the voluntary sector, the public, integrated care staff, clinical leads and patients were introduced. The models have been formulated to ensure the health needs of locals are met, local workforce experiences are experienced and local facilities are used for good causes. In addition…………… Kindly click the purchase icon above to purchase full solution at $15