(Answered) HIS-144: U.S. History Themes



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HIS-144: U.S. History Themes 

ECS-220 Legal Aspects of Special Education with an Emphasis in Early Childhood

ECS-455 Developmentally Appropriate Instruction: STEM Subjects.

ECS-590 Assessment, Evaluation, and Reporting for Early Childhood/Special Education.

ECS-325 Child, Family, Cultural, Community Relationships, and Advocacy.

ECS-550 Child Guidance and Classroom Management for Typical and Atypical Behaviours.

ECS-125 Foundations Of Early Childhood And Special Education

SPE-359 Char. Of Learning Disabilities and Strategies To Teach Ind W/ LD.

SPE-357 Char. Of Emotional/Behavioural Disabilities & Strategies To Teach Ind W/ EBD.

SPE-350 Special Education Litigation And Law.

SPD-595/5950TE Methods Of Educating Learners With Diverse Needs.

SPD-5930TE/5940TE Practicum I/II: Gifted Education.

SPD-590 Student Teaching For Special Education Teacher Candidates.

SPD-585/5850TE Educational Psychology For Special Education.

SPD-580 Methods Of Teaching English Language Arts To Students With Mild To Moderate.

SPD-575 Capstone In Autism Spectrum Disorders .

SPD-570 Methods Of Teaching Math To Students With Mild To Moderate Disabilities .

SPD-568 Moderate To Severe: Adaptive Communication .

SPD-566 Postsecondary Transitional Planning For Moderate To Severe Exceptionalities .

SPD-565/5650TE Communication Strategies And Assistive Tech For Autism Spectrum Disorders .

SPD-564 Moderate To Severe: Classroom Management And Behavior Analysis .

SPD-5630TE Gifted Programming And Environments For Current Practitioners .

SPD-562 Moderate To Severe: Instructional Planning, Strategies, And Assessment .

SPD-558 Moderate To Severe: Care, Collaboration, And Communication .

SPD-555 Life Skills And Transitions For Autism Spectrum Disorders .

SPD-5530TE Assessing And Identifying Gifted Learners For Current Practitioners .

SPD-551 Moderate To Severe: Professional, Ethical, And Legal Practices .

SPD-550/5500TE Instructional And Transitional Planning For Students With Mild To Moderate .

SPD-545 Leadership And Collaboration In Autism Spectrum Disorders .

SPD-540/5400TE Learning Environments For Students With Mild To Moderate Disabilities .

SPD-535 Policy And Ethics In Autism Spectrum Disorders .

SPD-525/5250TE Applied Behavior Analysis And Autism Spectrum Disorders .

SPD-5230TE Creativity And Talent Development In Gifted Education For Practitioners .

SPD-515/5150TE Methods And Assessment For Autism Spectrum Disorders .

SPD-5130TE Instructional Methods In Gifted Education For Current Practitioners .

SPD-510/5100TE Professional, Ethical And Legal Practices And Policies In Special Education .

SPD-506 Survey Of Moderate To Severe Special Education .

SPD-505/5050TE Foundations In Autism Spectrum Disorders .

SPD-5030TE Foundations Of Gifted Education For Current Practitioners .

SPD-501 Foundations In Special Education Graduate Studies .

SPD-490B Student Teaching – K-Grade 12 Special Education Mild To Moderate Setting .

SPD-470/480 Research-Based Methods For Teaching Math And ELA To Students With Exceptionalities .

SPD-400 Creating And Managing Mild To Moderate Learning Environments .

SPD-330/560/5600TE Language Development With Mild To Moderate Disabilities And Disorders .

SPD-320/530/5300TE/531/556 Assessment And Eligibility In Special Education: MMD .

SPD-310/520/5200TE/521 Collaborations And Communications In Special Education .

SPD-300 Professional, Ethical And Legal Practices And Policies In Special Education .

SPD-200/500 Survey Of Special Education: Mild To Moderate Disabilities .

SOC-520 Sociology And Pedagogy In The University .

SOC-515 Social Change And Development .

SOC-510 Stratification From Global Perspectives .

SOC-505 Sociology Of The Family .

SOC-502 Sociology Today .

SOC-500 Social Theory .

SOC-481 Sociology Capstone .

SOC-480 Sociology And Social Work Capstone .

SOC-449 Direct Practice .

SOC-445 Case Management .

SOC-436 Stratification And Inequality In A Diverse Society .

SOC-415 American Minority Peoples .

SOC-412 Sociology Of Religion .

SOC-410 Social Inequality And Stratification .

SOC-400 Social Research And Statistics .

SOC-386 Human Behavior And The Social Environment .

SOC-372 Introduction To Social Work .

SOC-330 Globalization .

SOC-320 Marriage And Family .

SOC-315 Cultural Anthropology .

SOC-220 Social Problems .

SOC-102 Principles Of Sociology .

SEC-580/581/582 Curriculum And Instructional Planning For Middle And High School, Humanities And STEM Teachers .

SOC-100 Everyday Sociology .

SWK-535/550 Field Instruction I/II .