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MATH 225N Week 4 Statistics Quiz 2020 – Chamberlain College of Nursing Week 4 quiz

Question 1 Alice sells boxes of candy at the baseball game and wants to know the mean number of boxes she sells. The numbers for the games so far are listed below. 16,14,14,21,15 Find the mean boxes sold.

(That is correct)

 Question 2 Given the following list of prices (in thousands of dollars) of randomly selected trucks at a car dealership, find the median. 20,46,19,14,42,26,33 

(That is correct)

Question 3 Each person in a group shuffles a deck of cards and keeps selecting a card until a queen appears. Find the mode of the following number of cards drawn from a deck until a queen appears. 3,12,3,11,5,5,3,10,12 That is correct!

Question 4 The dataset below represents bugs found by a software tester in her product during different phases of testing: 88, 84, 81, 94, 91, 98, 98, 200.
The measures of central tendency are given below:
Mean: 104.25; Median: 92.5; Mode: 98. Identify the outlier and the measure of central tendency that is affected by the outlier.

That is correct!

Question 5 Given the following histogram, decide if the data is skewed or symmetrical. A bar graph has a horizontal axis titled Values labeled from 2 to 18 in increments of 2 and a vertical axis titled Frequency labeled from 0 to 200 in increments of 50. 14 bars are plotted, above the numbers 2 to 16. From left to right, the heights of the bars are as follows: 1. 5. 10. 40, 75, 125, 190, 180, 130, 125, 60, 25,20, 10.

Question 6 The following data set represents the ages of all seven grandchildren in a family. 4, 5, 11, 12, 11, 8, 5 If the variance of the ages is 9.7, what is the standard deviation? • Round the final answer to one decimal place.

Question 7 Which of the data sets represented by the following box and whisker plots has the smallest standard deviation?


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MATH 225N Week 4 Statistics Quiz