(Answered) POLI330N Week 5 Assignment: Current Event-Totalitarian Restrictions or Ethnic Conflict





POLI330 Week 5 International Event Rubric


COVID-19 and authoritarian regimes

COVID-19 has presented an opportunity for dictatorial regimes to grab power and suppress dissidents globally. Some nations have imposed restrictions on fundamental freedoms such as movements, association, even sociopolitical, and economic rights. Totalitarian states have also used the pandemic circumstances to impose restrictive policies that have minimal bearing to the containment of COVID-19. For instance, the New York Times reported Israel’s new attempts to impose mobile surveillance on its citizens, which is a breach of their right to privacy. Israel has rolled out technological tools that track the location of people and notifies them if they have been close to a person with the contagious virus (Bateman, 2020). The article on BBC observes that Israel has used covert systems to track people’s movements in the pretext of controlling the spread of COVID-19. The report explores Israel’s cyber-superpower and choice to choose surveillance against the right to privacy in its fight against the……………..

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