(Sample) HRMT19013 Human Resource Training and Development



3 Written Assessment

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The primary purpose of this assessment item is to assist students develop skills in critical thinking in the analysis of training and development interventions and application in the modern workplace setting. The secondary purpose is to give students the opportunity to enhance their analytical and critical thinking, and written communication skills, particularly in the areas of developing argument and business report writing.


You are required to prepare a Business Report for the Senior Executive Team in relation to a training and development intervention in the contemporary workplace. You are expected to engage in extensive research of the academic literature relating to the topic and evidence your argument from scholarly sources.

This Assessment links to the UN SDG No 8 of Decent Work and Economic Growth.

Please do not commence this Assessment without referring to the Assessment Information provided on Moodle.

Assessment Item 3 – Marking criteria for individual Business Report

Your submission will be assessed on the extent to which it meets each of the following criteria.

  • A thorough and critical analysis of the topic, which incorporates a critical review of the academic literature integrated throughout the report to evidence the argument. (35%)
  • The implementation plan is included and rationale is provided. (15%)
  • Relevant and appropriate industry/organisational examples have been incorporated to evidence application in the real world setting. (10%)
  • Appropriate use of argument supported by evidence, including a properly constructed introduction, key content sections, a comprehensive conclusion, and specific recommendations. (10%)
  • Relevant and accurate use of the academic literature; Minimum to pass this criterion [7.5/15] is SEVEN (7) scholarly references, which MUST include the prescribed textbook and SIX (6) relevant academic peer reviewed journal articles. (15%)
  • Professionalism of the Business Report; Report Format Guide used; clarity of expression; language; grammar; punctuation, and correct spelling using Australian English; within word count. (10%)
  • Strict conformity to the referencing protocol of the CQU APA Referencing Guide. (5%)

Your Assessment will be marked out of 100 and converted to a mark out of 45 as per the Assessment weighting.

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