(Answered) MGMT19128-Strategy and Change




MGMT19128 Strategy and Change

Presentation and Written Assessment

Assessment Title

How to Formulate a Strategic Plan for a company to Expand its Operation.

Task Description

Assessment Task:

Assessment 2 is about formulating future strategic plan (maximum 2500 words) for a company. You need to choose one company from the five options listed for this assessment (see below).

Qantas Airlines

Australia Post


Davis Jones

Jetstar Airways

Each student is required to write a critical and analytical strategic management plan using contemporary concepts, theories, and models. The students will have to use their cognitive knowledge and understanding in analysing various strategies (joint venture, strategic alliance, franchising etc.) for one of the recommended cases.

The students are required to use between 12-16 quality academic references (Academic texts, journals, reports, books etc.). In order to demonstrate the ability to engage in appropriate research, students should read and utilise these texts and journals and publications and demonstrate a willingness to research beyond this minimum standard through additional texts, journals, and studies that reflect an ability to conceptualise key strategy and change management concepts and theories. A professionally written assignment using the APA referencing style.

See Moodle for more detailed assessment rubric.

Late submission and academic misconduct penalties apply as per the university regulations

Total Weighting 60%

Presentation 20 Marks (15 minutes). in the class (Week 12)

Written assignment 40 Marks

Word limit: 2500 words.

Submission checklist for Assessment 2

  • Cover page with the name( s) and ID(s) (use the cover page provided in Moodle)
  • 1.5 line spacing and 12 size font in Times New Roman
  • Maximum of 2500 words
  • The written report should be submitted in .doc or .docx format
  • Note that if you are using Mac, you may need to change to the acceptable format before final submission.
  • Submit the file online through Assessment 2 submission link in Moodle. Only one person needs to submit if working in a group. Please inform the unit coordinator if you are working in a group.

Assessment Due Date

Week 12 Friday (9 Oct. 2020) 11:55 pm AEST

Return Date to Students

Exam Week Monday (19 Oct. 2020)

Students will not be able to see the marks before the grades are finalised by the Faculty Academic Board.



Assessment Criteria

Introduction (10%)

Ability to conduct macroeconomic and industry analysis using strategic management concepts, theories, and tools. (10%)

Ability to demonstrate their competency to analyse, evaluate and discuss theoretical concepts and principles of strategic business management  (15%)

Quality and clarity of presentation and written assignment. (15%)

Ability to define corporate-level strategies suitable for business expansion (15%)

Capacity to articulate their arguments and clearly communicate their understanding of the complex nature of global business and economics (15%).

Conclusion (10%)

Referencing (10%)



Learning Outcomes Assessed

  • Analyse strategy, planning and decision making processes in organisations
  • Evaluate and identify internal and external pressures that inform strategy and change to the business model
  • Undertake scenario analysis, assess risks, and align resources to achieve key priorities
  • Analyse how performance targets and key measures are set, monitored and improved at organisational, functional and individual level.


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