(Solution) 305HRM: International HRM Assignment



Faculty of Business and Law
Assignment Brief Academic Year 2019/20

Module Title: International HRM Assignment

Module Code: 305HRM

305HRM International HRM final coursework

Assignment Title Final Coursework

Assignment Weighting 100%

Report Semester 2 Release Date: Week 1- Sem2

Submission Date/Time: 6/04/2020 18:00

Submission Time and Place: Submission through Turnitin ONLY


Assessment Information
This assignment is designed to assess the following learning outcomes:

1. Demonstrate sound knowledge about the relationship between the impact of culture on
organisational life.

2. Identify key areas of similarity and difference in HR practice between countries.

3. Link the choice of strategic international HR with international business strategy approaches.
4. Measure the impact and effectiveness of international assignments.

This assignment is an individual coursework that has 2 components:
Component 1:
The Headquarters (HQ) of a Multinational Corporation (MNC) from a sector and country (A) of your
choice is planning to implement a common International Talent Management strategy and Training
development management practices across one of its global subsidiaries. The MNC will send a group
of 2 female and 2 male managers to start operations in a subsidiary from a country (B) of your choice.
You are an IHRM Consultant and you have been asked to give advice in this cross-border process.
To meet the expectations, you have to formulate a Report to the board of directors which addresses
the following questions:
• What are the major institutional and cultural differences which separate country A and
country B?
• What are the advantages and disadvantages of working in a multicultural and diverse
managerial group comprising the female and male managers from both countries (A and B)?
• What is the role of the expatriate from both countries (A and B) with respect developing a
Talent Management Strategy and to encourage knowledge sharing and knowledge transfer
throughout cross cultural training between the Headquarters (A) and the subsidiary (B)?
To answer these questions, you will be expected to demonstrate that you:
a) develop an analysis about the major economic, political, social with special emphasis on the
institutional and cultural differences between the HQ (country A) and the subsidiary (country B). This
analysis will be based on a critical evaluation of the relevant literature about the theoretical debate
on Institutional approach, Cross Cultural Management and IHRM;
b) discuss the role of corporate and national cultures of both countries (A and B) on the development
of a Talent Management Strategy and cross-cultural training strategies;
c) draw conclusions and suggest recommendations regarding to a critical approach to IHRM in
relation to the development of an International Talent Management Strategy, knowledge sharing and
knowledge transfer throughout cross cultural training between the Headquarters (A) and the
subsidiary (B).
Component 2:
Personal Reflection
A ‘Personal Reflection’ which is your own reflection on the process of working in a multicultural group
during the seminars and what you have learned.
a) Your reflection should be written in the first person (use me/I) and should be no more than 500
words in total. This is part of your overall 4,000 word count.
Criteria for Assessment
The report will be assessed out of 100 marks using the criteria on the pro-forma attached.
Basically, you will need to demonstrate the ability to:
• Write a clear Introduction and brief abstract which identifies the issues within the context of
the assigned IHRM question and, from this to demonstrate a logical structure and layout for
the paper (10 marks)
• Critically review the relevant literature and its implications for the aspect of IHRM discussed
(30 marks)
• Critically analyse and discuss the pertinent issues, grounded in the literature, relevant to the
assigned question (35 marks)
• Draw meaningful conclusions, provide appropriate recommendations, and reflective account
of working in a multicultural team (15 marks)
• The assessment will follow a report structure. It will present the discussion in a clear, logical
and coherent way, and correctly reference (Harvard Referencing System) all published
material included in the paper (10 marks)

305HRM International HRM final coursework

305HRM International HRM final coursework