(Solution) BUS101 Business Communication



BUS101 Business Communication

Assessment 2 Information
Subject Code: BUS101
Subject Name: Business Communication
Assessment Title: Individual Report
Assessment Type: Report
Word Count: 1000 Words (+/-10%)
Weighting: 30 %
Total Marks: 30
Submission: via Turnitin
Due Date: Week 8
Your Task
In week 4 you will cover report writing and be given a sample of the elements required when writing reports. You will write a report following this format, using the information below as a starting point and conducting further research to support your analysis. In weeks 5, 6 and 7, there will be a number of activities during class that will also help you support you in developing your report.
Assessment Description
LO1: Employ the principles of communication to develop strategies to overcome barriers to communication
LO2: Relate the ways culture influences communication and affects meaning to a business context
LO3: Apply professional written communication skills to a range of contexts
LO4: Demonstrate the ability to effectively communicate with diverse groups
You are working as a Graduate Communications Officer for “Apurla Community Services”, and the Operations Manager has approached you to work on a project of high importance. The organisation is struggling to work effectively because the different departments are operating independently and not communicating well with each other. The Operations Manager wants you to prepare a report to make some recommendations on how the situation can be improved. The Operations Manager would like you to provide an analysis and recommendations, outlining how improved communication flow between the departments could improve operational outcomes. Key issues identified include:
• Each of these groups has a tendency to operate independently, using different communication structures resulting in a lack of cohesion and poor team synergy.
• At times their tasks overlap so conflicting information and outcomes can occur this is reducing organisational effectiveness.
• Some of the formal and structured communication is working well but there are also some informal structures that are spreading incorrect information.
The organisation has a number of key employee groups, volunteers and external community groups that they work with. The organisations structure is outlined below:
In your report you need to provide a theoretical summary of how organisational communication should flow and how group synergy can be improved to maximise work team effectiveness to support your recommendations.
Assessment Instructions
The assessment is to be presented in a Report Format using headings