(Solution) EDUC7212: Educational Research Methods




EDUC7212: Educational Research Methods

Course level

Postgraduate Coursework


Humanities and Social Sciences


Education School




One Semester

Class contact

2 Contact hours

Course description

This course critically examines the history of educational research and the ethical considerations necessary to balance the rights and responsibilities of researchers, participants and the community. It considers the epistemological assumptions of widely used research designs and the relationship between research questions and the choice of particular designs. The course explores indepth systematic practices and strategies that can improve the quality of research. The genres within which research is written and the communication of research to a variety of audiences are considered. Students will build their skills and knowledge in the conduct of educational research throughout the course. 


Topic: How have teachers in Queensland state schools with large migrant populations responded to recent immigration policies for people seeking asylum?


In December 2014, the Australian government reestablished its federal policies of temporary protection for people seeking asylum, leaving them ‘in a perpetual state of uncertainty’ (Crock & Bones, 2015). This has resulted in a significant group of students enrolled in schools across Queensland with uncertain futures in Australia. Specifically, students who arrived by boat after 13 August 2012 are no longer able to permanently settle in Australia (Asylum Seeker Resource Centre, 2014; Refugee and Immigration Legal Centre Inc, 2015), despite being active members of schools and the wider community. At the time of writing this proposal, the Federal Government has proposed new legislation that would prevent people seeking asylum, who arrived by boat after 19 July, 2013, from ever settling in Australia (Hutchens, 2016). Many people seeking asylum in Australia are of school age and are entitled to an education under UN law. This has had and will have a far reaching impact on schools across the country with very little structural support from the Federal Government. Schools, teachers and support workers have all had to adapt strategies, protocols and services to cater for these students.


This study will outline that the Federal Government’s temporary protection policies are not only a violation of human rights but that they are impacting significantly on Australian school communities. One significant concern is that students who arrived in Australia by boat after 13 August 2012 are no longer able to permanently settle in Australia. One of the major roles of teachers is to educate and prepare students for their future and these laws may directly impact on a teacher’s capacity to fulfil this duty. It may prove challenging to provide these students with meaningful pathways towards their future careers. Specifically, the study aims to outline the strategies schools have adopted to cater for students seeking asylum and indicate how teachers’ views on issues relating to refugees and people seeking asylum have changed.

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