(Solution) M5021 Graduate Diploma of Health and Science Research



M5021 Graduate Diploma of Health and Science Research


The course comprises 48 points including a combination of coursework and research. You complete units as outlined for your specialisation.

Units are 6 credit points unless otherwise stated.

Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences

Biomedical science

  • BMS4100 Biomedical science research project (36 points)
  • BMS4200 Advanced studies in biomedical science (12 points)

Emergency health

  • BEH4100 Honours literature review (12 points)
  • BEH4200 Honours research proposal (12 points)
  • BEH4300 Honours research report (24 points)

Medical imaging and radiation sciences

  • SRH5003 Designing and conducting health research (12 points)
  • MAP5000 Research in advanced health professional practice (12 points)
  • MAP5001 Preparatory minor thesis (12 points)
  • MAP5002 Minor thesis (12 points)


  • NUR4401 Clinical Honours Thesis 1: Applied research methods and skills (12 points)
  • NUR4402 Clinical Honours Thesis 2: Framing a research proposal (12 points)
  • NUR4403 Clinical Honours Thesis 3: Conducting a research project (12 points)
  • NUR4404 Clinical Honours Thesis 4: Analysing and reporting research (12 points)

Nutrition science

  • NUT4111 Research skills (6 points)
  • NUT4121 Honours research project 1 (18 points)
  • NUT4122 Honours research project 2 (24 points)


  • PTY4010 Honours systematic review (12 points)
  • PTY4020 Honours research proposal (12 points)
  • PTY4030 Honours thesis (24 points)



  • ASP4100 Astrophysics honours research project (24 points)
  • ASP4200 Astrophysics honours coursework (24 points)

Biological sciences

  • BIO4100 Biology research project (36 points)
  • BIO4200 Advanced coursework in biology (12 points)


  • CHM4100 Chemistry research project (36 points)
  • CHM4201 Chemistry honours coursework (12 points)

Earth science

  • EAE4100 Earth, atmosphere and environment honours research project (24 points)
  • EAE4200 Earth, atmosphere and environment honours coursework (24 points)

Materials science

  • MSC4100 Materials science project (24 points)
  • MSC4200 Advanced materials science (24 points)

Maths and statistics

  • MTH4100 Mathematics research studies (24 points)
  • MTH4200 Advanced studies in mathematics (24 points)


  • PHS4100 Physics thesis project (24 points)
  • PHS4200 Advanced physics (24 points)

Progression to further studies

Successful completion of this course may provide a pathway to a higher degree by research.


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