(Solution) MAN203 Logistics and Supply Chain Management



MAN203 Logistics and Supply Chain Management

Assessment Description
Submission: Turnitin (as powerpoint slides with notes saved as a Pdf)
Length: Four (4) parts where each part should be 4-5 slides with a 300-500 word transcript of your
Late submission possible: Published Kaplan penalties apply for late submissions
Assessment brief
Each student will develop a Proposal over a period of four (4) weeks that captures all of the elements of
the development of a supply chain and logistics solution for a new or expanding enterprise.
Each part will require the student to research a particular topic and then prepare a presentation of what
they have discovered through their research. In addition to the presentation, students should include a
written transcript in the notes section. The ‘notes’ should also include citations to reference material used
and Url links to material to support your findings. Each part of the proposal development needs to be
included as a discrete submission so as not to cause any issue with Turnitin.

MAN203 Logistics and Supply Chain Management

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