(Solution) NR351 Week 3: Collaborative Strategies With Other Professions




NR351 Week 3: Collaborative Strategies With Other Professions

Week 3: Collaborative Strategies With Other Professions (graded)


This week’s graded discussion topic relates to the following Course Outcomes (COs).

  • CO2: Demonstrate leadership strategies that promote safety and improve quality in nursing practice and increase collaboration with other disciplines when planning patient-centered care within systems-based practice. (PO2)
  • CO4: Integrate critical thinking and judgment in professional decision-making in collaboration with faculty and peers. (PO4)


It is essential for professional nurses to be skilled in collaborating with professionals from other healthcare disciplines to plan the best patient care. What collaboration strategies can professional nurses use to specifically promote collaboration with other healthcare disciplines and professionals?


Providing safe and quality care to patients is more than just the bedside nurse’s responsibility. In order to achieve the mission of patient wellness, collaboration and communication is essential for all team members involved in the patient’s care. (Hood, 2018 p. 107). When team members collaborate effectively, potential accidents and unintentional harm is greatly reduced. Some team members that have a direct impact on patient’s care are pharmacy, physical therapy, radiology, laboratory, medical doctors, case managers and social workers. In the distant past, nurses would carry out physician orders without question. Nurses of today are empowered and respected as professionals. We have an important voice. We are at the bedside and able to look at the totality of the patients care and not just one aspect of care. Something as simple as medication administration requires collaboration with nurse…..Kindly click the purchase icon above to purchase full solution at $5

NR351 Week 3: Collaborative Strategies With Other Professions