(Solution) NR565 Week 5:…


(Solution) NR565 Week 5: Endocrine Case Study




Total Points Possible: 120

Preparing the Assignment

  • Follow these guidelines when completing each component of the assignment. Contact your course faculty if you have questions.
  • There are three patient cases presented in this assignment. You are to use the following to answer the questions.
  • When you click on the resource links, the links will open in a new window so you will be able to navigate between the resources and the quiz.

You will be presented with a patient case and then a series of questions. This assignment is completed in a quiz format; however, it is not an exam and you are encouraged to use your textbook and course materials. There are 12 questions worth 10 points each and an attestation question worth 0 points for a total of 120 points.

  • Review the case information and then answer each required question with a succinct, informative answer.
  • Answers should be one to five sentences in length.
    • Some questions may require a short one-sentence answer, whereas others require a five-sentence answer for a complete explanation.
  • Consider the most common and obvious answer.
  • A scholarly reference is required for answers where a source such as textbook or clinical practice guideline is used to develop your response.
  • Feedback is provided immediately after completing this assignment only.  The feedback provided is general and non-specific to protect the integrity of this assignment due to the unfortunate nature of answer sharing among many students.
  • There is no time limit for this assignment.
  • This assignment will need to be completed in one sitting, meaning you will not be able to save your answers and come back to it later. Once you open the quiz, you will need to finish it at that time.

When you are ready to begin this assignment, click the “Take the Quiz” button near the bottom of this page.

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