(Solution) NR605 Perceptions of Psychotherapy in Popular Culture




General Instructions

The depiction of psychotherapy in pop culture is varied; movies, television, and other media often portray specific stereotypes of clients, counselors, therapy settings, and content. Locate a representation of psychotherapy in popular media. Suggestions include but are not limited to movies such as Good Will Hunting, Analyze This, A Beautiful Mind, or Antwon Fisher, and TV series including the Sopranos, Monk, Big Little Lies, or Mad Men. Your selection may include a positive or negative depiction of therapy and may or may not be realistic.

  1. Application of Course Knowledge: Answer all questions/criteria with explanations and detail.
    1. Describe the psychotherapy setting portrayed in the selected movie or series.
    2. Describe the stereotypes that are portrayed in the therapeutic relationship, setting, or content of the therapy sessions.
    3. Describe the relationship depicted between the psychotherapist and the client. Does the provider demonstrate professionalism, ethical comportment, and/or therapeutic communication in client interactions? Explain your rationale.
    4. Discuss the ways, if any, that any element related to ethnicity, religion, race, class, or cultural identity appeared to impact the client-therapist relationship.
    5. Explain how popular culture depictions of mental health treatment, specifically psychotherapy depictions, might impact the client and psychiatric mental health nurse practitioner (PMHNP) perceptions of psychotherapy as an effective treatment modality.