(Solution) NUR 431 Week 1 Discussion 2: Trends Influencing Public Health




Week 1 Discussion 2: Trends Influencing Public Health

Instructions: Respond to the following discussion question:

Describe 2 trends that have influenced the status of the health care system and 2 emerging

public health issues affecting public health nurses.


The week begins on Monday (Day 1) and ends on Sunday (Day 7). Your initial response to the discussion question is due by Day 3 (Wednesday), and you have until Day 7 (Sunday) at 11:59 p.m. (EST) to respond to at least one peer’s post and the instructors additional question.

The response to a peer and the instructor’s additional question must be on a different day than your initial post.  Therefore, you will post on at least two different days during the online week.

You will need to include one reference with an in-text citation in your initial post.



431 Week 1 Discussion 1: Contributions to Public Health

In today’s world, it sometimes appears as if a single individual cannot make much of a difference. However, the story of Lilian D. Wald shows just how much difference one’s ideas and actions can make. Lilian D. Wald left a starling legacy in health industry in general and public health nursing in particular. Lilian Wald worked very hard to bring medical care closer to people of small means (Kub, Kulbok, Glick, 2015). She coined the phrase ‘public health nurse.’ This phrase attempted to define the new form of nursing that she had formed which was aimed…………………… Kindly click the above purchase icon to buy full solution at $5

Week 1 Discussion 2: Trends Influencing Public Health