(Solution) NUR 431 Week 4 Discussion 1: Community-Oriented Nursing Practice




This is a graded discussion: 20 points possible

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Week 4 Discussion 1: Community-Oriented Nursing Practice

Instructions: Respond to the following discussion question:

Discuss how the vision of Healthy People 2020 is applied in community-oriented nursing practice.

How is the responsibility of prevention shared among all partners?


The week begins on Monday (Day 1) and ends on Sunday (Day 7). Your initial response to the discussion question is due by Day 3 (Wednesday), and you have until Day 7 (Sunday) at 11:59 p.m. (EST) to respond to at least one peer’s post and the instructors additional question.

The response to a peer and the instructors additional question must be on a different day than your initial post.  Therefore, you will post on at least two different days during the online week.

You will need to include one reference with an in-text citation in your initial post.


Week 4 Discussion 1: Community-Oriented Nursing Practice

Healthy People 2020 outlines science-based objectives that are bound to improve the health of all Americans in a ten-year period. Within a period of 3 decades, Healthy People has purposed to establish benchmarks and has been monitoring the progress of the health of Americans in order to do the following. To assess the impact of various preventive activities that have been undertaken. To empower Americans for them to be in a position to make informed health decisions. To encourage the collaboration of Americans in efforts that are geared towards improving their health (Stanhope & Lancaster, 2018). By seeking the collaboration of all Americans in matters that are supposed to improve their health, Health People lays a good ground for community-based nursing practice to thrive…….. Kindly click the purchase icon above to download the full solution for $5