(Solution) NUR 431 Week 4: Mid Term Quiz




Week 4: Mid Term Quiz

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  • Questions 32
  • Time Limit 180 Minutes


Directions: There are 32 questions. The Mid-Term Quiz may include multiple-choice,

multiple answer questions, true/false, and matching. Please read each question

carefully before selecting the answer or answers or true/false or matching.

– The Week 4 Mid-Term Quiz covers information found in Weeks 1-4.

– This is an open book.

– You have 3 hours (180 minutes) to complete the Mid-Term Quiz. Once you start the Mid-

Term Quiz, you must complete the quiz in its entirety.

– This is a timed Mid-Term Quiz and you will not be able to start and stop the quiz.





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Question 1

5 / 5 pts

Which of the following public health nurses most clearly fulfills the responsibilities

of this role?


The nurse who met with several groups to discuss community recreation issues.

The nurse who talked to several people about their particular health concerns.

The nurse who watched the city council meeting on local cable television.

The nurse who spent the day attending meetings of various health agencies.

Question 2

5 / 5 pts

When talking to a women’s group at the senior citizens’ center, the nurse reminded

them that the only way the center would be able to afford to provide transportation

services for them would be for them to continue to write letters to their local city

council representatives requesting funding for such a service. What was the nurse

trying to accomplish through this action?


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