Week 6 Assignment: Public Health and Community Agency Assessment NUR 432 (Solution)



Week 6 Assignment: Public Health and Community Agency Assessment


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Guidelines for Public Health and Community Agency Assessment


The purpose of the Public Health and Community Agency Assessment will provide students with

a structured public health and community practice experience whereby they can take a population

based-approach to a public health and community agency and apply the knowledge and skills

acquired in the classroom.

Course Outcomes

Upon completion of the community agency experience, the student will meet the following course


  1. Define the practice of community-based nursing in the various experiential settings. (PO1)
  2. Develop a holistic approach to performing a community-needs assessment. (PO1, PO6)
  3. Discuss changes in healthcare/technology and how it affects community-based nursing. (PO3)
  4. Describe how communication impacts the clients in the public health and community settings.


Assignment Points

This assignment is worth 240 points.


In this assignment, the student will select one community agency to visit and complete the Public

Health and Community Agency Assessment. The student will follow the guidelines for written

content and review the Grading Rubric for the Public Health and Community Agency Assessment

and submit the Assessment assignment.

Guidelines for the Written Assignment

  1. Create the assignment using Microsoft Word.
  2. Introduction 

    Include the following information in your Introduction paragraph:

  1. Clear and concise Introduction stating purpose of the paper.


  1. Why the agency was selected and the population the agency services.   


  1. Public Health and Community Agency Assessment

      Completely answer each question on the Assessment. 

  1. Conclusion
  2. Write a conclusion that summarizes the findings assessment.  
  3. Do not introduce new ideas into the conclusion.
  4. Coherence & Organization
  5. Use Times New Roman or Verdana and Use Font size 12.
  6. Present  findings in a scholarly fashion.
  7. APA Format and Grammar/Spelling

    Adhere to APA format and review for grammar and spelling errors. 

Week 6 Assignment: Public Health and Community Agency Assessment

Public Health and Community Agency Assessment

Directions: Select one community agency of your choice and visit the agency.  

After visiting a community agency, answer the following assessment questions:

  1. What type of community agency was visited?
  2. What are the community agency’s outstanding assets? (Identify at least two)
  3. What seems to be the community agency’s biggest challenges? (Identify at least two)
  4. What is the most striking thing about the community agency? (Identify at least two)
  5. What is the most unexpected finding at the community agency? (Identify at least two)
  6. Are you struck by the aesthetic quality of the community agency, either positively or

     negatively or both? Provide brief rationale for your conclusion.

  1. Is there any technology utilized in the community agency? If so, identify at least one

      and how it is used.