(Solution) NURS 3345 500 Module 1: Assignment 1 -APA, Plagiarism, & Role Transition Articles




APA, Plagiarism, & Role Transition Articles

Submission Instructions:

Download the Module 1 Assignment document and save it on your computer.

Refer to the APA Modules when completing the assignment.

Take a screen shot of your “Acknowledging Sources” quiz score found within the Plagiarism Module, within the APA Module, as part of this assignment.

Use the assignment template provided. Type your answers directly into the text boxes provided in the Module 1 Assignment Document.

Save your completed Assignment document for Module 1 Assignment, “APA, Plagiarism, & Role Transition Articles”, on your computer and label it so you can easily find it for uploading into Canvas later.


Part 3: Articles on Role Transition

NOTE FROM UTA LIBRARIANS: Internet Explorer and Foxfire are the browsers of choice when accessing UTA’s online Library.  You should NOT be accessing UTA E-reserves from your workplace or respective schools as firewall problems will typically prevent you from accessing our campus network.










  • Access the UTA Online Library. This is found on the left-hand side of your course home page, titled “UTA Libraries”.
  • Search for two articles on the role transition from RN to BSN by clicking on “Researching Nursing Roles” > “Search CINAHL for Role Transition”. This will take you to a helpful instructional page from the nursing librarian to assist you in the article search.
  • For each article, complete the information below.
  • Examples of correctly formatted references are found under the APA Module.
  • In order to receive credit all selected articles should be published from within the past 5 years.

Article 1 reference: List entry in correct APA format

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