(Solution) NURS-3345-500 Module 4: Discussion




  • Explain a time when you experienced or were challenged by an ethical dilemma in your nursing practice. What did you learn from this experience?
    • Provide a hypothetical example if you have not experienced a dilemma in your practice.
  • Discuss how your nursing practice is influenced by a particular theorist.


  • Initial response due Wednesday at 2359pm CST.
  • Two peer responses due Saturday at 2359 pm CST.
  • For this Module’s discussion, respond to the questions above. You will be evaluated on the quality of your summaries, questions, and responses to colleagues’ questions. Please note that a substantial response is needed for full credit- with a minimum of 3 sentences per posting. 

*Note- if you cite any information, please include a reference. It is not mandatory, but recommended.

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Initial response-

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Peer response-

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I have only been in nursing for about two years,  I had not faced any dilemmas until a few weeks ago when I had a code blue that really impacted me. The patient I had was unresponsive for about two weeks, vitals were stable for the most part. The heart rate had been in the forties, and her platelets were in the thirties. The family was very hopeful, they wanted to keep giving the patient aggressive care, and was still wanting her to be a full code.  The patient coded, and we were in the code for almost thirty minutes. My heart was broken, it was a very bloody scene due to the platelet count. The family was still wanting us to continue with the code. I felt anger, and frustration because in my mind she is suffering. I did not agree with the decisions the family was making……………..Kindly click the purchase icon above to purchase the full tutorial for $10