(Solution) NURS-3375-501 Module 1: Discussion





Click on this link: https://www.nursingworld.org/practice-policy/advocacy/federal/Links to an external site.

Scroll down to, “Select a topic to learn more about Federal Issues.” Choose 2 of the topics and read the information provided.  Then, post a 3-4 sentence summary for both of the topics you chose in the discussion board.  Remember to cite the website (using APA format).


Post your summaries of the 2 topics to the Discussion Board by 23:59, Wednesday of Module 1 ( please scroll to the module you want to post for—click on the link for that module and your coach discussion group).

Each week, you must have your initial post, which is due Wednesday at 2359, along with 2 questions to others or 2 responses to questions asked of you, or a combination of both which are due Saturday at 2359.  If no one asked you questions you will need to ask 2 questions to your classmates.

Please respond to each of the questions you are asked by your colleagues during the online discussion.

You will be evaluated on the quality of your summaries, questions, and responses to colleagues’ questions. Replies must be made by Saturday 2359 of Module 1.


Nursing Shortage

The nursing shortage is a well-discussed and hot topic in the nursing community. Health Economist Peter McMenamin, PhD researched the present current job market in nursing and the implications henceforth. McMenamin discusses that jobs are not at shortage; the market can afford to be picky with new hires due to an increasing number of graduates in comparison to the past. Due to nurses deferring retirement, there may be a time when retirement must commence for many nurses and thus a shortage beyond the present will be on the horizon. ………….. Kindly click the purchase icon above to buy the full solution at $10