(Solution) Poli330N Week 3 Assignment: Essay-Representing a Democracy




POLI330 Week 3 Representative Grading Rubric (125 pts)


CONGRESSIONAL REPRESENTATIVES                                                                                   


Kathleen Rice

Democracy prevails when the people keep their government in check.  In democratic governments like the United States, the people retain the role of checking on their representatives to ensure they undertake their responsibilities accordingly.  My representatives in 1121 Merillon st Uniondale NY are Charles Chuck Schumer for the Senior Senator, Kirsten Gillibrand for the junior Senator, and Kathleen Rice for the Congresswoman. While all the three leaders have their defined roles in office, I am more interested in the Congresswoman because of her undivided zeal in fighting for the interests of the people of New York. Rice has been serving in New York for the longest time, and her advocacy for the rights of women and the marginalized, the welfare of the youth, and corruption remains apparent both regionally and nationally…..Kindly click the icon below to purchase and access the full sample at only $10