(Solution) SOW4029: Introduction to Social Work Practice



Introduction to Social Work Practice

Assessment Brief 2019/20

Module Title

SOW4029: Introduction to Social Work Practice

Module Number


 Academic Level/Year

Level 4/Year 1


 Written Assignment 3000 Words

 For every 1000 words you must make a minimum of four references to recent and relevant literature. At least three of these references must not be an internet source.  The same source may be used on a number of occasions in different sections of your assignment.  Please list all references in alphabetical order using the Harvard System at the end of your Assignment. Please use the Faculty referencing guidelines referred to during induction and covered during your first module – Introduction to Social Work Practice.

 Written Essay (100%)

 Part 1:  Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the requirements to practice as a professional social worker. You should include discussion of regulatory Codes of Conduct, legislation and policy underpinning social work practice.

 Part 2:  What knowledge, values and ethics are necessary when working in partnership with service users, carers and other professionals as a social worker?

 Part 3: Select one social work theory and explain how it could be used to inform social work practice. You should also address the advantages and disadvantages of the theory you have chosen to discuss.

 Guidance on the Assignment

Part 1:

Include reference to:

HCPC Standards- specify relevant sections

Codes of Conduct

One piece of relevant legislation and one relevant policy

Part 2:

Discuss what are ethics and values and how they relate to social work practice.

Include an understanding of partnership working as a social worker.

Part 3:

Select one theory from the following five theories, explain how it can be used in social work practice and include the advantages and disadvantages;

  1. Attachment theory
  2. Systems theory
  3. Feminist theory
  4. Social Learning theory

5.  Task Centred theory



Solution (Attachment theory)

Social Work Practice

Social work practice explains application of social work techniques, principles and values to helping individuals obtain services that are tangible, for example, psychotherapy and counselling with groups, families and other individuals, as mentioned by Zastrow, (2009). This essay seeks to demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the requirements to practice as a professional social worker, explain knowledge, values and ethics that are necessary when working in partnership with service users, carers and other professionals as a social worker and explaining how attachment theory could be used to inform social work practice while explaining its advantages and limitations.

Social work practice, just like other health professions, has underlining codes of conduct, legislation, and policies that the social workers should be aware of and adhere to in their line of practice. While working with the patients, carers, clients, and other healthcare professionals, there is a need to follow specific standards as outlined by the health and care professions council as stated by Bauld et al. (2012, p. 698). The code of ethics requires social workers to promote and protect the interest of service users and the carers. These include treating the users and colleagues with respect to such things as privacy and dignity (Workers, 2017, p. 16). Collaborative work with caregivers and patient users is also essential in proper decision making. Respecting the interest of the service users also requires the social worker to have consent from the appropriate authority or service users before providing any kind of treatment and care.

It is a requirement for the social workers according to the codes of conduct to communicate appropriately and effectively. Social workers must be polite and considerate when interacting with the service users and carers by listening and taking account of their wishes and needs (CORU, 2019, p. 18)…………………………………………………

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