(Solution) SOW4030 Equality, Diversity and Anti-Discriminatory Practice



SOW4030 Equality, Diversity and Anti-Discriminatory Practice

In line with the philosophy and aims of the Social Work programme, this module will focus on
pursuing excellence in social work practice, and assisting you to become practice-led,
employable and have a local, national and global outlook.
The module contributes towards the programme philosophy, and your personal and
professional development by ensuring you;
 Understand the meaning of discrimination and oppression, including the processes
involved in discrimination, and main forms of discrimination and oppression in
 Understand what constitutes anti-discriminatory and anti-oppressive practice.
 Explain and analyse discrimination and anti-discriminatory practice at personal,
cultural and structural levels.
 Review evidence for the existence of discrimination and oppression in society
locally, nationally and globally.
 Appreciate the impact and consequences of discrimination and the rationale for
promoting equality, human rights and social justice, whilst valuing diversity and
 As a local, national and global citizen, reflect on your own and other people’s
identity and its relevance in professional social work practice.
Central to the delivery of high quality professional social work is the ability to understand the
link between identity, inequality and injustice and to apply anti-discriminatory principles and
approaches during practice. This academic module is delivered as preparation prior to
professional practice. You will learn fundamental theoretical perspectives, find factual data and
evidence relating to the prevalence of discrimination and oppression in society, and consider
the relevance of your own and others identity. You will learn that good practice must be antidiscriminatory.
The Module is delivered using a range of learning and teaching methods. This includes
lectures, interactive discussion, small group exercises, DVD and tutorials, guided reading,
group work and online learning.