(Solution) World Civilization II HIST141D1 Book review



World Civilization II HIST141D1 Book review

Book Review

Students will write a book review on a topic as it relations to world civilization. 

  • Students will choose a book on the Western Civilization themes from the ECSU library database. Students will write a 3 page double-space summary of the book. Student will state the author’s thesis, how the book contributes to the course and the importance of the book to the field of study.
  • The book review must be 3 full pages, Times New Roman, double-space, and (cover page, with full name, date, class section.

Western Civilization has many facets to it that can make great research topics. A list of these topics can be found below http://samsonmuseum.org/choosing-a-topic-for-your-western-civilization-research-paper.htm

  • Philosophers and Great Leaders
  • Technology and the Advancements Throughout Time
  • Downfalls of Different Empires
  • Global Music Through Time
  • Western Artists Influence on Art World Wide
  • Education in Western Civilization (global education)
  • Fashion in Western Civilization (world fashion)
  • Western Wars and Conquest
  • Current Western Civilization (America relationship to the global world)
  • Anti-Colonial Movements in Africa, Caribbean, Asia
    Global Racism
  • Global Feminism 
  • Migration (transnational communities)
  • Cold War Politics
  • Global Protest Movements
  • War and Society
  • Food and Migration
  • Anti-Nuclear Movements
  • Black Lives Matter (in Europe and Africa) World Civilization II HIST141D1 Book review