(Solution) World Civilization II



the textbook orientation assignment is designed to get students oriented to using the textbook Ways of the World as a primary source and for developing topics for essays, discussions, and participating in class. Students will be able to understand how the textbook is designed and organized.

On a word document answer the following questions in the given order and submit by the due date after the assignment is complete.

1. Using the textbook answer the question using page xi. Explain diversity or variation, panoramas, patterns, and pathways using short constructive sentences (10 points). 

3. What examples of comparison, connection, and change in world history would you like to explore further as your course unfolds? Read page xi and answer the question (10 points)

4. Write six examples in paragraph form on how to be successful in a college history course (10 points). 

5.  Using the chart on page LXVI in the Prologue list the date agriculture formed (10 points).

6. Using page Lxvii define the definition of Homo sapiens (10 points)

7. Read page lxi what is the most common type of primary source do historians use? (10 points)

8. Taking exams will be a critical part of your grade. This class utilizes take home exams, discussion questions, and short answer responses. List five ways you can improve your test-taking skills.(10 points)

9. Working with images is a vital source for historians and students. Read page lxiii and list five ways to analyze an image or picture (10 points)   

10. Using the time line in the textbook answer the following answers (10 points):

1. On page 595 using the time line and write the name of the first explorer to reach India.

2. On page 641 using the time line when did the European Enlightenment begin and end?

3. On page 689 list the year Cuba and Brazil abolish slavery.

4. Using the same time line when did the Maji Maji Rebillion in German East Africa occur?

5. Using the same time line when did rapid industrialization in the United States take place?