(Solved) NR660 Week 3 Project Literature Review Guidelines



NR660 Week 3 Project Literature Review Guidelines NR660 Week 3 Project Literature Review Guidelines NR660 Week 3 Project Literature Review


Complete database search on your project and compile results. Focus on most relevant articles or studies that address your problem/concern or discuss resolutions to the problem; include any studies that do not support your projected resolution or take a different approach.  In addition, search for systematic reviews about the problem/concern.  Write a review of the literature that includes:

  • Comprehensive review of the current evidence-based (EB) literature from nursing and related disciplines as appropriate
  • Application of evidence-based literature to project
  • Analysis of the literature: if it supports (or does not support) your resolution; alternative solutions; how existing literature affected your proposal

For assistance with literature review, see websites in Course Resources.

Preparing the Paper

  • Page length: 5-6 pages, excluding reference and title pages
  • Minimum number of articles/studies = 10
  • APA format 6th edition
  • Correct reference citation format
  • Reference page


Project Literature Review

Many past and recent researchers have identified various strategies for improving communication while others still continue to undertake evidence-based research in order to introduce optimal contemporary communication approaches to healthcare communication. Prior to undertaking any research, it is highly essential to search, review and analyze the current existing literature related to the topic of interest in order to acquire more insights, develop on their strengths and weakness, and form a point of reference (Achrekar et al., 2016). Taking this into consideration, this paper is a project literature review on the use of SBAR communication tool as compared to the use of informal communication channels for improving healthcare communications. It includes identified current evidence-based literature, application of evidence-based literature and literature analysis.

Current Evidence-based Literature

This project literature review identified a total of 10 current works of literature on improving healthcare communication by use of various communication strategies.

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