(Solved) NUR2227 – Primary health care and health promotion in nursing and midwifery contexts:Essay




This unit builds on the content covered in NUR1110, NUR1111, NUR1113 related to society, population health and illness, the Australian healthcare system and personal and professional development. Students are introduced to the key philosophies and frameworks that guide the delivery of sustainable primary healthcare in Australian and global context.

Students will examine the health of populations, families and individuals as they relate to health priorities, disease prevention, and continuity of care.

Learning outcomes

On successful completion of this unit, you should be able to:


Analyse the key philosophies and frameworks of primary healthcare and health promotion applied in the context of Nursing and Midwifery.
2. Conceptualise the biomedical, behavioural, and socio-environmental approaches to health and health care, and apply these to planning and evaluating sustainable health promotion programs
3. Analyse the concepts of partnership development, community participation, health equity, social justice and capacity building when working with vulnerable populations in primary health care including Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples
4. Recognise the role of health literacy and behaviour change in improving health outcomes for various populations including, regional, rural and remote settings
5. Analyse health policy and the ethics of primary health care in relation to the role of the nurse and midwife
6. Explore contemporary challenges and future trends in primary healthcare including refugee health, planetary health and the changing healthcare sector


Group presentation (20 minutes) and health promotion program plan (1,500 words)
Value %:35
iSAP written task (1,850 words)
Value %:35
Essay (1,500 words)
Value %:30