(Solved) STO704 Operations and Project Management



Project Management Assessment Referral Specification
Assessment Title: Referral for Group-based Project Plan Report
Module Title: Operations and Project Management
Module Code: STO704
Number of Credits: 20
Assessment Weighting (%) 50%
Issue Date: July 2020

Submission Deadline: 20/08/2020
Procedure for/where to submit work (including file name format for Moodle where applicable)
Please use moodle project management referral submission link

Description of Assessment Task
Write a report in business report format that evaluates the elements of a Project Plan as indicated in the Assessment criteria.

Referral Project Plan Report Assessment: Marking Criteria

Project Scope and Product Management (25%)

What do you see as the main benefits of including a Project Product Description, A Product Breakdown Structure and Product Descriptions in your Project Plan? Please include examples of these from your group’s project as an appendix.

If you wanted to modify the group’s original work please do so and please include both the original group’s work and your modified work as appendices and clearly labelled.
Business Case (15%)

What are the main benefits and costs of your group’s project business case? Why do you think your group project may be successful based on the business case?

Time Management (15%)
If it was required that your group project would need to be done 1 week earlier than planned, please explain which activities you would shorten and draw a new network diagram showing the forward and backward pass calculations (The Network Diagram Must be non-MS Project and done in Excel, or by hand (and scanned). It must show the activity node values for the forward and backward pass) as well as the critical path. Please include the original network diagram for the group work as an appendix EITHER the original network diagram or one corrected by you.

Stakeholder Management (20%)

Please identify your group project’s 3 key stakeholders and explain why they are important to the project. Please provide a communications plan for these 3 stakeholders.
Group Work (15%)

What Communications, Group-working or Leadership Skills did you gain from the assignment? Have any personal learning/development needs been identified?