(Solved)NR 660 Week 8 Discussion: Reflection on Project



Reflect upon the Capstone Project and identify the contributions it has made to your professional development and attainment of career goals


The SBAR Capstone Project presents innumerably on SBAR communication in healthcare. More importantly, the project offers skills while at the same time providing crucial information concerning nursing staff preparation for an SBAR framework. Through SBAR literature, project outcomes, ethical dilemmas, and the applicability of SBAR communication, the project distinctly transitions me into the role of a medical professional. Similarly, the insights drawn from the Capstone experiences greatly cultivate and shape a professional medical perspective. The application of SBAR communication, especially during patient handoffs, offers the best avenue for enhancing patient satisfaction, nursing experience, and in improving the overall care delivery (Birmingham, Buffum, Blegen, & Lyndon, 2015).

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