(Solved) NR660 Week 1 Discussion: Identifying the Capstone Project



NR660 Week 1 Discussion: Identifying the Capstone Project

Identify your project and state your corresponding research question: PICOT (if a quantitative study) or PICO (if a qualitative study). Defend its representation of scholarship.


NR 660 Week 1: Identifying the Capstone Project
My capstone project focuses on improving communication in healthcare settings particularly during patient hand-offs by applying SBAR (Situation, Background, Assessment, and Recommendation.) SBAR is a technique that facilitates prompt and appropriate communication amongst healthcare professions such as nurses and physicians within healthcare settings. The developed PICO question is “In healthcare settings (P), does the use of SBAR tool (I) as compared to informal communication channels (C) lead to improved communication during patient handoffs (O)?

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